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We'd love to have you join our team! Once you've had an opportunity to review the information we've provided here, please contact us. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, or provide you with further information about this opportunity.


What's New:

New products released

demo New products are released periodically, but at least annually. As they become available, we'll announce them here. The latest products to become available, are Black Ice, an instant iced tea with 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma, Organic Red Tea, in tea bags with Cordyceps and 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma, and Velvet, a skin lotion with 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma, which is absorbed transdermally. Visit our catalog page to order.

Updated: November 1, 2012

Current News:

American Dream Shrinks

― Net Worth Plunges 40% from 2007-2010

demoThe Daily Ticker. June 12, 2012 A recent Federal Reserve survey, shows a shocking 40% decline, from 2007-2010, in the average net worth of U.S. households, and reduced wages as well. The wealthiest 10% of Americans saw an increase in their net worth, during the same period. (Read full-text here)

America's Retirement System

― DIY System Failing

The Daily Ticker. August 6, 2012 75% of Americans nearing retirement have less than $30,000 in their retirement accounts in 2010. Poorest Americans in the 50-to-64 age bracket average only $16,034 in retirement savings. The "do-it-yourself" pension system aka 401(k) plans are to blame. Humans simply can't anticipate the future. (Read full-text here)

Updated: November 1, 2012

Recent Events:

"Newly" launched OG Show

demo OG has updated its multimedia web site, OG Show, with new features & videos. Check it out!

Updated: November 1, 2012

Retail Profits

Buy wholesale. Sell retail.

The foundation & purpose of any business is to make a profit from the sale of a product or service.

In this business opportunity, you will be marketing "healthy" beverage, nutraceutical & personal care products, infused with a natural herbal supplement.

You will purchase the products at wholesale, sell them at retail & thus earn & keep the profits.

Participation in this business opportunity requires an "active" membership as an Authorized Independent Distributor.


Fast Track Bonus

Sponsorship Bonus

As an Authorized Independent Distributor, you are part of a team, and as such, you have the opportunity to build your own team & organization.

When you enroll a "new" Authorized Independent Distributor, they will have the opportunity to "Jump Start" their own business & rank, buy purchasing one of three "Promotional Builder Packs." Depending upon the pack level purchased (establishing their initial rank), you earn a "Fast Track Bonus" of either $20, $80 or $150, which is then paid directly to your account weekly, with no limit to your potential earnings.


Residual Earnings

The "Long-Term"

The "life-blood" of any business, is sustained revenue. Continuing earnings from bonuses & commissions, resulting from reorders & qualifying product purchase volume of the binary "down-line" members of the organization you have meticulously built, will then provide you with a sustained stream of revenue.


About this Business Opportunity

The basics

We are a "team" of Home-based business entrepreneurs. We are all Authorized & Registered Independent Distributors, associated with a Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Sales organization, distributing a "healthy" product-line of beverages, nutraceuticals & personal care products, infused with a 4,000-year-old Asian herb, called Ganoderma Lucidum, extracted from a medicinal red mushroom, known as Reishi in Japan, Lingzhi in China, and Youngzhi in Korea.

We make no claims, regarding specific earning representations or guarantees, except that each distributor has the opportunity & potential for retail sales profit, as well as residual bonuses & commissions, resulting from a binary structured "down-line" of directly sponsored or subsequently sponsored "new" distributors joining the system, and their individual time & effort devoted to the business. Actual income of any independent distributor, depends directly on the amount of time and individual effort devoted to the business.

The timing

It is often said, that whether you are looking to start a business or looking for a better job, not only do you need to consider the product or service, but the "timing is everything!" The timing of this opportunity couldn't be better, and we have the right product. No matter what the condition of the economy, people will find a way to have their coffee.

Right now, this opportunity is positioned to take maximum advantage of five (5), fast-growing industries...

1. Health & Wellness

Health & WellnessEveryone, regardless of the state of the economy, wants to live longer & maintain their health. The possible health benefits, associated with the use & consumption of the ganoderma herb, provides a unique opportunity to take advantage of placement of this product line in health & fitness centers, and thereby providing a "healthier" brand of coffee and tea, then is regularly available anywhere else.

2. Weight Loss

Weight LossConsistent with a healthy lifestyle & fitness, insuring that we maintain our body weight at an appropriate level, is also of great concern. Physicians will regularly tell many of their patients, that taking off a few pounds, would be highly beneficial to avoiding obesity & maintaining good health. Since it is believed that regular use & consumption of ganoderma helps balance the natural ph of the human body, and thus aids in the body's metabolism, it stands to reason that shedding those few extra pounds can be assisted by consuming a "healthier" brand of coffee and tea, then is regularly available anywhere else.

3. Home-based Business

Home-based BusinessIt is known, that Home-based Businesses are the favorite "start-up," of any other form of small business. They are also looked to as a source of supplemental revenue for families & retirees, as well as a favorite for single-parent households, in a down economy. Since this opportunity takes specific advantage of this factor, because of the flexibility of scheduling, as well as requiring minimal travel, the timing of this form of entrepreneurship is a perfect match.

4. The Internet

The Internet Today, not only is the Internet everywhere, but it has become an absolute necessity for most of the world's population. Students must use the Internet to complete schoolwork, and teachers must use the Internet to remain current on specific subject matter, as well as plan interactive lessons for their students. We all have become dependent on the Internet, as a method of communication, as well as a source of entertainment. Even more, there are those of us who use the convenience of the Internet for our banking & financial needs, and making online purchases of various products & services has become second nature. Since this opportunity provides for a secure, replicated web site & state-of-the-art back office, conducting business has been made quite simple.

5. Coffee

CoffeeWe've already seen, that coffee is a multi-billion dollar, global business. The absolute beauty of this opportunity, is that the product is the perfect one, the timing couldn't be better, and all of the necessary tools are provided with your membership. All you have to do is go to work at it, and follow the 4 Steps to Success. It really couldn't be any easier. It's easy! It's simple! It's coffee.

If not this, then what? ― If not now, then when?

It's all up to you! 




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